Welcome to a whole new world of transfers! Moving your money is now far easier with Online Banking.

Internal Transfers

To move money within your accounts at JCU:

  1. Go to the “Move Money” tab
  2. Choose “Between Personal Accounts”
  3. Select the account you want to transfer from, and the account you want to transfer to.
    (Notice that your options include any account that you are a joint owner of as well!)
  4. Choose to make the transfer immediately, schedule the transfer for a later date, or set up a repeating transfer.
  5. Enter the amount and you’re good to go.


External Transfers

To make a transfer to a non-Jordan Credit Union account, you have two options:


  1. Set up your very own ACH. Start with adding the account you would like to send money to. You will need to know the routing number and account number of the other account. Once the new account is added, you must validate that you have access to the account one of two ways:
      1. Typically done by the system sending two small deposits to account, and you report the deposits amounts. For certain institutions, however, there is a much faster way.
      2. Validate the account immediately if you know their online banking credentials. So easy!
  2. You can then choose the account you want money coming from, the account you want to send money to, and the date. You can also set this up as a recurring transfer. This is handy if you have a loan payment or want to make some other kind of recurring transfer to an outside institution.

Keep in mind, this is for external transfers only. If you try to send money to a Jordan Credit Union account in this way, you will receive an error message.