Online Bill Pay

A free, secure way to set-up and view all of your payments from your JCU account. Just log onto e*teller and click on the “Bill Pay” tab on the left hand side.

Online Bill Pay is an easy-to-use, password protected, online account available to all members who have a JCU checking account and e*Teller (your online account). Your JCU checking account allows you to make one-time or recurring payments (TV, phone, utilities…) and your payees are saved for future use. Even better, you can access Online Bill Pay using the JCU Mobile apps after you are signed up. To sign up, simply visit the Bill Pay tab inside e*Teller.

Bill payments will be submitted electronically or by check if payee doesn’t accept electronic payments. JCU is not responsible for any payments submitted with insufficient JCU checking account funds. Bill Pay will be de-activated if the account is not used during a 90 day period. Must have Bill Pay account activated to be able to use via the JCU Mobile apps.