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Electronic Disclosure

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  1. Consent Required: You must consent to receive legal disclosures, agreements, periodic statements, and notices (hereinafter referred to as “legal documents”) electronically before we can provide them to you electronically. You may withdraw your consent to receive legal documents electronically by notifying us using the phone number or address shown on your monthly or quarterly statement or at any Jordan Credit Union location, in which case we will be obligated to provide paper copies of all required legal documents that you do not consent to receive electronically. In addition, you may withdraw your consent to receive periodic statements electronically by contacting a JCU branch.
  2. Obtaining Paper Copies: If you do not want to receive legal documents electronically, please leave these areas (i.e. online account login page) of our Website. If you do not consent to receive an electronic copy of legal documents, we will not be able to authorize the use of eTeller online because you must review certain legal documents prior to using eTeller. Please visit your nearest Jordan Credit Union branch, so that we can provide the required legal documents and set you up to use eTeller. A list of our locations may be found on our Web site. If you consent to receive legal disclosures and agreements electronically, you can also request a paper copy of the related legal disclosures and agreements by visiting your nearest Jordan Credit Union branch. We will not charge you any fees for providing a paper copy of legal disclosures and agreements.
  3. System Requirements to Access Information: To receive an electronic copy of legal documents, you must have the following equipment and software:
    • A personal computer or other device that is capable of accessing the Internet (i.e., you must have access to the Internet, a computer or other access device, and an Internet browser).
    • An Internet browser that is capable of supporting 128-bit SSL encrypted communications, which requires a minimum Web browser version of either Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0 or a comparable web browser, and your system must have 128-bit SSL encryption software.
    • Software that permits you to receive and access current Portable Document Format or PDF files. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader at http://get.adobe.com/reader/.
    • You are solely responsible for obtaining and maintaining all hardware, software, and services that may be required to access legal documents electronically.
  4. System Requirements to Retain Information: In order to retain legal documents sent to you electronically, you must have the ability to print or save them to your computer. In order to print them, you must have a functioning printer connected to your personal computer or other device that is capable of printing legal documents on standard 8.5 x 11-inch paper. In order to save them, you may copy the text into a word processor for saving or save the Web page directly to your computer or other access device. Many of the legal documents are available as PDF files, and you must be able to either download or print these files.
  5. Internet Security: You must maintain the security and privacy of all access information (e.g., pin numbers, login codes, security question information, and passwords) and of all legal documents and information that you download, print, or view electronically. Obtain and maintain up-to-date computer and Internet security programs from reputable companies. Do not save or store any legal documents or access information on a public computer or on any other access device used by someone who you have not authorized to view your legal documents and access information.
  6. Termination/Changes: We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to discontinue the provision of your account information electronically, or to terminate or change the terms and conditions on which we provide account information electronically. We will provide you with notice of any such termination or change only as required by law.
  7. JCU Mobile: Please be aware that downloading applications (apps) via a web enabled device increases your risk for viruses, spyware, and other hacking attacks and that you are downloading Jordan Credit Union (JCU) Mobile applications at your own risk. You will be held responsible for protecting and sharing your account numbers, passwords, and other private account information. In addition, Jordan Credit Union will not be held liable for the loss or damage resulting from the use of any unauthorized and counterfeit JCU Mobile banking application. For the official JCU Mobile Banking web address, please visit our JCU Mobile page. By using JCU Mobile, you are agreeing to all Jordan Credit Union mobile application and eTeller agreements that apply to the use of JCU Mobile. In no event shall Jordan Credit Union be liable for any loss or damage which may incur from the use of JCU Mobile and its services, as well as the loss or damage resulting from acts that are addressed in the Jordan Credit Union Membership Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Electronic Disclosure policies.

Communications Disclosure

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Remote Deposit Agreement

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Last updated: July 29, 2020. Terms/conditions subject to change.