Visa Credit Card

Whether you’re looking for an amazing rate or a worthwhile rewards program, we’ve got you covered. We have credit cards with extremely low, fixed rates. We also have one of the best rewards programs you’ll find on an extremely low variable rate. Get the rewards you’ll love, such as cashback, gift cards, travel discounts, and more! Plus, you’ll save money with low variable rates and no yearly maintenance fee.

Platinum+ Rewards Information

Check out the table below to find out what other benefits await you with a JCU VISA Credit Card.

VISA Application

Lowest InterestHighest Rewards
Lowest Interest:Platinum VISAHighest Rewards:Platinum+ JCU Rewards
Rates as low asLowest Interest:11.99% APR | Fixed RateHighest Rewards:13.99% APR | Variable Rate
28 day grace periodLowest Interest:green checkHighest Rewards:green check
No balance transfer feeLowest Interest:green checkHighest Rewards:green check
Cash advancesLowest Interest:green checkHighest Rewards:green check
No annual feeLowest Interest:green checkHighest Rewards:green check
Reward Points
Good for Cash Back, Travel, Products and Gift Cards
Lowest Interest:Highest Rewards:green check
Application disclosureLowest Interest:Platinum VISA application disclosureHighest Rewards:Platinum+ JCU Rewards application disclosure

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) accurate as of 8/18/23. On approved credit. Transactions fees such as foreign fees (1% of the transaction in USD), late payment fees, or other account fees other fees may apply. Points earned for qualifying transactions at one point per one dollar on Platinum+ JCU Rewards credit cards. Total points are based on the total transaction amount, with total points rounding to the nearest dollar. Some transaction types may not be eligible for point accrual. Contact JCU to determine transaction eligibility, eligibility dates, or for special promotions. Points expire 48 months from the date earned. Visit our Platinum+ Rewards site to view the awards catalog or to learn more about the program rules and details. Login to Online Banking to access the rewards portal. Membership eligibility required.

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