Identity Theft Protection – iDefend Restore

Restore: Protect Your Identity

Your JCU checking account is your ticket to free identity theft protection, restoration and support through iDefend.  Restore is the perfect starting point for identity theft protection and beginning August 2021, JCU members with a checking account are eligible* to receive this benefit for free!

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This portal is managed by our trusted partner INVISUS, LLC and is InfoSafe Certified for privacy and security compliance. You can be confident your personal information is safe and secure.

What's Included:

ID Theft Fraud Support Hotline
You have access to ID theft and cybersecurity experts who are ready to answer questions, identify and respond to scams, and assist with potential identity theft incidents.
Cyberhood Watch Membership
Automatically receive regular Cyberhood Watch email updates, tips and alerts to help you spot and avoid scams, financial fraud and new identity theft and cybersecurity threats.
$1 Million Service Guarantee
You are protected against fraud loss and recovery expenses up to $1 million for any out-of-pocket costs incurred for attorneys lost wages, court fees, and other related expenses.
ID Theft Restoration Services
You’ve got the expert help stopping theft and full recovery services for all types of ID theft including credit fraud, account takeover, medical ID theft, tax return fraud, Social Security fraud, and more.
Annual Home Cyber Defense Checkup
Free annual cybersecurity and identity theft checkup done remotely.
Privacy Protection Resource Center
Access to free tools and do-it-yourself resources to help you improve your cyber hygiene better protect your privacy, and safeguard against identity and financial fraud.


  • How much does it cost?
    Restore is free to members. There is no cost to you. If you would like more coverage, you may choose to pay for an upgraded plan (Standard, Essentials, or Elite) at any time.
  • How do I sign up?
    Further instructions will be provided to members in the coming weeks or use the link above to sign up.
  • What’s the catch?
    No catch. Thanks for being a member.

*Membership and checking account eligibility required. Consumer checking (free, Cash Back, Interest Rewards) required for Restore level benefits. Benefits subject to change. Upgraded plans available (Standard, Essentials, Elite) at member’s expense.