Fees and Schedules

General Fees - All Accounts

Account Closure Fee (0-90 days) $15.00
Account Research/Reconciliation (Hourly) $20.00
ACH/EFT Insufficient Funds 25.00
ACH/EFT Stop Payment $25.00
Bad Address Fee (Annual) $5.00
Deposit of Foreign Collection Item $20.00
Immediate Coin Processing (Unless Child) 10%
Safe Deposit Box Rental (Annual) Contact Branch (Excludes Midvale)
Drilling Fee for Safe Deposit $195.00
JCU Certified Check:
First Two
Each Additional Check

Stop Payment on a Certified Check $25.00
Notary Service:
Up to Three Notarizations
Each Additional Notarizations

Return of Deposited Check or Draft:
Executive Business Checking
All Others

History Printout:
First Five Pages
Each Additional Page

Wire Transfers
Outgoing (Within USA)
Outgoing (Foreign)

ATM Only Card (Per Withdrawal) $0.50
ATM (CO-OP) Free
ATM (Non-CO-OP) Varies by ATM owner
Gift Cards $2.00

Checking (Share Draft) Accounts

Online Bill Pay Access Free
Online Bill Pay Stop Payment Free
Canceled Check Copy - Using JCU Staff $3.00
Canceled Check Copy - Using e*Teller Free
Check Paid by Courtesy Pay (Per Covered Item) $20.00
Insufficient Funds Check $25.00
Stop Payment of Check $25.00
New Start w/ Direct Deposit Monthly Fee $10.00
New Start w/o Direct Deposit Monthly Fee $15.00
Cash Back/Reward Checking Monthly Fee Free

Visa Debit & Credit Cards

Visa Debit & Credit Cards Annual Fee Free
Visa Late Payment - 15 days and Greater (Per Missed Payment) $25 or 5% (whichever is greater), $35.00 maximum

Consumer Loans

Late Payment - 15 days and Greater (Per Missed Payment) $25.00 or 5% (whichever is greater), $50 maximum
Payment Extension $25.00
Refinance of Existing JCU Loan Free

Real Estate Loans - See Mortgage Department

Certificate of Deposit / Money Market / IRA

CD Early Withdrawal Penalties:
Less than 24 Months
More than 24 Months

90 Day Interest
180 Day Interest
Elite MMDA Withdrawals:
First Three
Each Additional per Month

IRA Early Withdrawal Penalty1% or $25.00 (whichever is greater)

Deposit Requirements

Elite Money Market Account $10,001.00
Money Market Account $2,501.00
Regular Share Account $25.00
CD's $1,000.00

Last updated: Service Charges are not limited to the above listed items. Subject to change. Effective as of 04/6/2015