Summer Points Promotion

Get Double Points for Gas, Lodging, Car Rentals, and Airfare

During the months of June through August, get 2 points for every dollar with your Platinum+ JCU Rewards credit card.


To VISA, everyone who accepts a payment is a “merchant.” Each merchant is placed into merchant categories based upon the type of business they are. When JCU runs a promotion, extra points are automatically awarded to purchases made at selected merchants. For the additional points to be awarded, the retail location will need to be set-up as one of the following merchant categories: “Gas,” “Lodging,” “Car Rental,” or “Airfare.”

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VISA Application (Single Applicant)

Double point promotion lasts 5/15/2023 to 8/31/2023. 2X is equal to 2 points for every dollar. Offers do not compound. Promotion requires the retail location VISA merchant codes to be set up as “Gas,” “Lodging,” “Car Rental,” or “Airfare.” Membership eligibility required.