Spending Tab

The Spending Tab organizes all your transactions into one big pie chart. You can choose to get a quick summary of spending in a category or investigate detailed transactions in each category. It’s up to you!

  • Spending

    The categories of expenditures are ordered from largest to smallest going clockwise.

    You can view a detailed breakdown of the transactions included in each category by double-clicking on the assigned color on the pie chart, or by double-clicking the category name listed on the right.

    If you have sub-budgets set up, you will also see a breakdown of how much money went into each sub-budget.

    By double-clicking the newly highlighted section, you can review every single transaction to see if any were miscategorized, or to help create a plan of action to eliminate over-spending in that budget next month.

    You can change the date range of your pie chart at any time by clicking the date range above the pie chart.


    Similar to the Spending section, the Income section will show you all the sources of income from your accounts. You can toggle to the Income section by selecting “Income” on the right hand side of your screen above the spending categories.

    You can categorize these, click on sections of the pie chart and review income just like you can in the Spending section.

  • Useful Tip

    After creating all of your sub-budgets on the Budgets Tab, come back to the Spending Tab. The largest section of your pie chart will probably a red section called “Uncategorized.”

    Uncategorized transactions are transactions hasn’t been assigned a group yet. To assign a category, click on the transaction, and click on the Category section that currently says “Uncategorized.”

    Conveniently, when you re-categorize a transaction, a prompt will ask if you would like the transaction to be categorized there just once, or if you want every transaction from that vendor to come from the specified budget.

    There is also an option to select specific Sub-Budgets within each major category.

    It will take several minutes to go through your transactions and categorize them. However, after the initial set-up, Money Management will remember your preferences and keeping track of your budgets should require minimal effort from then on.