Pay A Person (P2P) Payrailz

Pay a Person is an convenient, secure way to send money to friends and family. Available both online and in the mobile app you can send money whenever you need whether it’s paying a friend back for lunch or sending a gift, Pay a Person has you covered. With just a few selections, you can send money to anyone with a checking or savings account in USA using their email or mobile number.

  • Initial Setup

    Use the following steps to signup for the first time and add a contact.

    1. Log into Online Banking or the mobile application.
    2. Navigate to Move Money and select Pay a Person.
    3. Read and Accept the disclosure.
    4. From the welcome screen, select Continue to Settings

    5. Select your settings – including your default funding account and which format you wish payment alerts to be sent through.
    6. Return to the home screen by selecting the return arrow in the top left corner.
    7. Select Add Contact to add your first contact.
    8. Choose a delivery method to complete a 2-step verification process, select Send Code. Enter the provided code on the next screen.
    9. Complete the profile for your contact, including Name, phone number, email, and security question. Select Save and Pay to continue.
    10. Enter the amount to send, any memos, select your funding account, the timing of the transaction(s). Select Pay when ready to send.
    11. Confirm your payment.
    12. From here you can see your scheduled payments and history as well as make additional payments.


    After the initial setup, you can access your settings at any time through the gear icon in the top right. Payments can be made through the Pay button at any time.

  • FAQ

    Who is Eligbile?

    JCU members 18+ years old with a qualifying checking account are a eligible.

    Who can I send money to?

    Anyone with a checking or savings account at a bank or credit union in the USA.

    How will the funds be delivered?

    The recipient chooses how to accept the funds. Either next day ACH or real time through a debit card or JCU account.

    Can a recipient change their payment delivery method?

    Yes. Each time a payment is scheduled for an existing recipient, the recipient receives a notification with a link allowing them to update and/or change the payment delivery method If the transaction is a real-time payment, the contact can only change the delivery for subsequent transfers and not the current one. Changes cannot be made for next-day payments received after cutoff.

    When are the funds pulled from my account?

    Next day ACH payments are usually debited between 5-6 pm. For payments delivered via debit card or JCU account direct, funds transfer in real time.

    Are the sender and recipient notified when the payment is delivered?

    Yes. Both are notified when a payment is sent and when it is delivered. End users may also opt to receive alerts for additional delivery information.

    What happens to the funds if the recipient does not claim them?

    After seven (7) days, if the recipient has not claimed the funds, the transaction is canceled; the sender’s account is not debited.

    Are the sender and/or recipient notified if a payment is canceled?

    Yes. If the recipient does not claim the payment from the sender, the payment will be canceled. Both the sender and recipient are notified the payment link has expired.

    Are there fees?

    There is a $1.00 fee for real-time debit. This fee is deducted on the recipients side. Ex: Member sends $10.00, recipient receives $9.00.