Goals Tab

The Goals Tab is an excellent place to see a roadmap of any financial goal of your choosing. If you did input your loan information on the Debts Tab, then all the future loan payoff dates will be visible. Any other financial goal will have to be entered manually.

  • Adding A Goal

    To add a goal, click on the blue text in the upper right-hand corner of the module that reads “+ Add a Goal.”

    You have three choices for your goals:

    Savings – Select this option if you would like to create long term savings goals. For example, if you want to buy a car, go on vacation, or save for medical emergencies, this would be your selection. After selecting this option, a pop-up menu with a list of saving categories will appear. Select the one that most closely matches your goal.

    You will be asked to give the goal a name, to enter your goal amount, and to select which account will be used for the goal. Once you are ready, click on the blue “Save” button on the bottom right of the pop-up menu. You can add multiple savings goals this way.

    After setting up the goals themselves, you will need to tell Money Management how much you plan to dedicate to these savings goals each month. To do this, click on the blue text that says “Manage” on the top right of the module.

    A pop-up menu will appear. You need to click on the “Savings” tab.

    Click on the dollar sign under the text “Monthly Contribution to Top Savings Goal” and enter in whatever amount you wish to dedicate to your savings goals. Now, click the new “Save” button that appeared.

    Once you set your savings goals, they will be prioritized in the order that you created them. To change your goal order, click on the blue text that says “Manage” on the top right of the module.

    In the pop-up menu, click on the blue text that reads “Reorder” to the right of the header that says “Goal Priority.”

    You can then drag and drop the goals in any order you so choose.

    Debt Payoff – Select this option to choose which loans you want visible on your timeline. You cannot add debt payoff goals for loans that haven’t been added to the Accounts Tab.

    Retirement – The retirement selection will calculate the amount of money you will have at retirement. The calculation is based on your birth date, your target retirement age, and your current savings rate in your retirement accounts.

    You cannot include retirement accounts that haven’t been added to the Accounts Tab.

  • Accounts Not Included

    Accounts like CDs, Money Market or other savings accounts that aren’t designated as retirement accounts in the Money Management system can’t be added to the Goals Tab.