Cross Account Transfers

Cross account transfers allow you to transfer between your personal JCU account and someone else’s JCU account.

you will need the following:

  • Recipient’s First Name
  • Recipient’s Account Suffix
  • Member Number (account number without the dash and last number.)

If you have any questions about this process, please Contact Us.

  • Add Recipient

    You will need to add a recipient any time you wish to set up a new account or account suffix. Example: John Smith’s Checking and John Smith’s Auto Loan.

    1. Log into Online Banking
    2. In the Move Money tab, select Internal Transfers

    3. Choose Add Recipient and complete the form.
    4. Add the first three (3) characters of the main account owner’s first name. (Joint owners cannot be verified.) If someone’s first name is LESS THAN three characters, add first name as is. Example: Ed Smith = Ed
    5. Select Regular Share as the account type.
    6. Add the corresponding Account Suffix
      • Checking – 1009
      • Share Savings – 1001
      • All others, please verify with recipient. It’s the four digit number at the end of the suffix name in Online Banking or the app.
    7. Member ID: Account number without the check digit (without the dash and last number). Example 1234-5 becomes 1234.
    8. Choose the orange Verify Recipient button
      • If the information is correct, and a matching account is verified, you will see the Recipient Found screen.
      • If the information is wrong and a matching account was not verified, you will receive a red error message at the top of the screen.
    9. Choose a Nickname. We recommend adding a name you will remember as well as the suffix description. Example: John Smith – Checking
    10. Select Add Recipient
    11. Continue to the main Transfer Funds page. Your added recipients will be found in the Another Member section in the To dropdown menu.

  • Delete Recipient

    Whenever you wish, recipients can be deleted from your accounts list.

    1. Log into Online Banking
    2. In the Move Money tab, select Manage JCU Recipients
    3. Select the Remove option to the right of the recipient you wish to delete.
    4. Confirm the removal by selecting Yes.

  • Edit Recipient

    Directly editing a recipient is not supported. If you wish to rename a recipient, please remove the recipient and add them back in with the appropriate nickname when prompted.