Sign up to receive regular account alerts on your cell phone, e-mail or other mobile device. Set up low balance alerts, daily balance update alerts, transaction alerts and much more. Just sign into eTeller and sign up under “Member Options.”

What is MTeller?

mTeller stands for Mobile Teller. It allows you to schedule recurring account alerts to your e-mail, cell phone (text messaging), and other wireless devices. You can choose which accounts you would like to have alerts on, and how often.

How to set-up mTeller Alerts:

Set-up your mobile device in “Member Options”, confirm the device, and set-up your alerts in mTeller. Detailed instructions are found below:

  1. Log on to e-teller using your account number and password.
  2. Select “Member Options” from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click on the “Email Addresses” link.
  4. Input your e-mail address or cell phone e-mail address and click “Add”. (See the chart below. For your convenience, a list of several major cell phone company e-mail addresses has been provided. If your provider isn’t listed, please contact them for the information).
    • Verizon | <your cell phone number>
    • AT&T | <your cell phone number>
    • Quest | <your cell phone number>
    • Nextel | <your cell phone number>
    • Sprint | <your cell phone number>
    • Cricket | <your cell phone number>
    • T-Mobile | <your cell phone number>
  5. Click the “Email Address” link again. Click the “Send Confirmation Number” link next to your e-mail address. You should receive an e-mail or text to your phone within 5 minutes (NOTE: The confirmation e-mail may show up in your SPAM mailbox. Look for a message from Once you receive the e-mail/text, input the confirmation number on the e*Teller screen. Click “Confirm”. Click the “m*Teller” link on the left side of the screen.
  6. Click the “mTeller” link on the left side of the screen.
  7. Review the different types of alerts you can set up (see Alert Descriptions below for more details). Select the alert you would like sent to you by clicking the “Add Alert” link under each alert option.
  8. Select the device you wish the alert to be sent to from the drop down menu. Input any additional information required for the alert you are requesting and click “Add” when finished. (To enter additional e-mail addresses or phone numbers, go to Member Options, click on E-mail Address, and click the “add new email” link under “Options” on the upper right side of the screen.)

You should now receive alerts based on the options selected and information provided. If you have any questions or problems, review the steps above and make sure they were followed correctly and that the information entered is correct. You may also call (801) 566-4195 for help.